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Fotomasking is a commercial image editing service provider company. Highly well trained Photoshop editors and two separate production units are located in Shiliguri, India. Ability to provide quick clipping path service for the retailers and service related industries. We are experienced in handling a large number of orders in 24hrs. So, a company gets the benefits of next morning delivery. 




Fotomasking is a commercial image editing service provider for the manufacturing and service related industries.

Privacy Policy
During your visit to our website, some personal data collected on this site, with your permission, notably through electronic contact forms are for the exclusive use of fotomasking.com. Your personal data during its collection and processing important and the all information are confidential with our clients and protected. Read the policies on data that are collected during your visit to the website and how it is used.

Collecting Electronic information
FM Media’s website mechanism creates a file on the server end system. The service generally used to system information process and for the statistics purpose. The data is recorded as, access log, IP address, user Operating systems, Language, hardware information and Internet service provider.

According to the internets right to information act FM Media is always bound to delete the record and personal information of any customer, client and visitor. If you have any query on this issue please email info@fotomasking.com.


Security Advice
FM Digital Media Imaging Solutions always trying hard to store the user’s data in a safe electronic location. And it is never be accessible to the any other third parties. It is prohibited to send your confidential information via email.

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