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We offer Hair Extension with Weaving, Bondings, Micro-Rings, Skinweft (Tape Extensions), Tressen Micro-Rings and Brazilian (Thread) method, in a smooth, wavy or curly form and in all hair colors. We also offer Cornrows, Dreadlocks, Open Braids, etc.


It is quite painful to see your long hair falling. There can be many reasons for hair fall such as environmental condition, dandruff, hormonal issues, using wrong hair wash product, and health illness. Seeing your beautiful hair falling from its root can make you bald and can ruin your attractive look. It is true that 80% of the personality impression comes from your hairstyle. Is your hair screaming for help? Yes, don’t worry we have the answer to this problem.

Are you looking for the hair extension supplier in your area? If so, we are the right destination to reach. We are popular in providing the Weaving Extensions of all type of hair European, British Chinese hair extension, and so on. To get the best quality hair extension, we are the right choice. Investing in the hair extension provided by us will give you value for the money. Applying the hair wig will drastically change your look.

haarverlängerungen Berlin is not only responsible for the personality transformation but also add buoyancy and volume to your hair. We also provide the hair pieces made up of the human hair that is also known as Remy's hair. You can either buy the Chinese wig or European wig. Chinese hair extension will give you a natural look. They have a shiner look and also have a soft feel. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to give yourself a new and trendy look, hair extension or hair wig can help you look adoring and appealing for everyone.  Malaika Hair  are one of the renowned suppliers in the market. We with the integration of hard work and knowledge has carved our goodwill in the market. Send us your inquiry now. Contact us today.


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