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Bewertungen für Kanzlei Fortmann & Matthies

Ich habe Herrn Matthies aufgesucht, da er mit der ADAC Zulassung wirbt und ich ein großes Problem mi...
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Bein Erstgespräch zeigte sich Herr Matthies überheblich, herablassen, unfreundlich und unempathisch....
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Very rude receptionist, very rude unfriendly lawyer, he talk bad about me to my ex and apparently saying foreigners come in Germany to make babies with Europeans mens for documents, unprofessional approach and manners, and he tell me to speak Germany language which I find him very discrimination toward me ,unhelpful and instead of helping me or even to listen to me he was only intrested on listening to my ex who is European my experience with this Lawyer is a Horrible person theres one time he make comments saying African people they speak funny English what he doesn't know I am a professional myself who been working around Europe and never in million years have bad experience from any job ,I speak perfect British English as I attend Cambridge university something he can not stand out of jealous and he even make comments about for him not knowing my background what he doesn't know I came from Namibia from very well,famous decent big successful family, a business and a politicians family, my father is military commander in Namibia so for a Lawyer to make all those nasty ,racist comments about me it was a laughable because I don't need no damn documents for Germany's using a child his behaviours really shocks me and I never experience indirect racism before until him. Than he went to tell My ex partner that he doesn't want to see me in his office or talk to me very nasty person indeed.no recommendation from me and our court date he didn't come but he sent student only come late
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Kanzlei Fortmann & Matthies

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